Ncer (chondrosarcoma) is increased to anywhere between 5%-30%. Symptomsâ â â â  top if you experience any of these symptoms do not assume it is due to osteochondroma. viagra canada These symptoms may be caused by other, more serious health conditions. If you experience any one of them, see your physician. viagra samples A hard, bony lump, especially if it is in a long bone or the pelvis lump: painless and not tender, but the tissue around it may become irritated and painful enlarging in size a long bone that breaks with less than the usual amount of force diagnosisâ â â â  top your doctor will ask about your symptoms and medical history, and perform a physical exam. You will very likely be referred to an orthopedic surgeon for further diagnosis and treatment. Tests may include the following: x-rays of the bone bone scan using a radioactive tracer ct scan —an x-ray test that uses computers to make detailed images of the mass and surrounding tissue angiography —x-rays, ct scan, or mri scan using a dye injected into your body treatmentâ â â â  top treatment options include the following: leave it alone if the lump is not uncomfortable or likely to cause a fracture or other problem, and there is no evidence that it is malignant, it can be left alone. Your doctor may want to retest periodically. Surgical excision if the lump is large, uncomfortable, in a dangerous location, or suspected of being cancerous, surgical removal is the treatment of choice. This involves a general or regional anesthetic and a few days in the hospital. does viagra do young women If the bone is weakened by the surgery, the surgeon may need to rebuild it, and the recovery time may be extended to weeks or months. Since remnants of the tumor may remain after surgery, your doctor may want to retest you every few years to make sure it doesn’t start to grow again. Preventionâ â â â  top there are no preventive measures for osteochondroma. viagra for men price in kolkata Resources: bonetumor. Org department of orthopaedic surgery, johns hopkins university canadian resources: canadian orthopaedic association childhood cancer foundation references: patel sr, benjamin rs. viagra cost Soft tissue and bone sarcomas and bone metastases. In: kasper dl, et al, eds. Harrison's principles of internal medicine. 16th ed. viagra canada online New york: mcgraw-hill; 2005. viagra for sale Spencer s. Eccles health sciences library, university of utah health sciences center, university of utah website. Available at:. Accessed july 2005. viagra cost per pill 2012 Last reviewed september 2012 by ig. buy generic viagra